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by Sophocles Adapted by Bonnie Roberts

Admission is free. Tickets can be obtained at the door one hour prior to the event (6:30 pm). Open to the public.

Capstone Senior Project by Victoria Grace.This project is funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research through the OUR Project Award.

This project is funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research through the OUR Project Award.

  • Check out @itsVictoriaGrace on Facebook for information about the artists involved. 
  • See Excerpts of Antigone at SWAN Day Pensacola, March 30th 1-11pm at Live! Juice Bar and More.
  • See Capstone Senior Project: Antigone at Student Scholars Symposium, April 18th 9-4pm at the University Commons

Synopsis: A civil war has ended. Will there be peace or new rebellion? The question is asked by the Chorus. What if your family, your friends, everyone you cared about begged you to change your mind, begged you to be silent—be safe? What if your life was in danger because of a decision you made, an action you decided to take? Would you be willing to die for taking that action? Or would you refuse the responsibility of making that decision? Taking that action? The Chorus, not just bystanders but entities hoping to influence the outcome, speak not only to the audience but also directly to the timeless characters of Antigone. Each chorus member argues the side of one of the characters, hoping, this time, to bring understanding and peace to the war-torn land. There are no heroes, no villains here. Only individuals who face the choice: should I do what I feel is right? Or should I stay silent and safe? This adaptation can be set anywhere there is civil strife, or civil war—ancient Greece, modern America, a medieval castle, turn of the 20th century Ireland, the inner city, the future, any time and place that speaks to you. The possibilities are endless for staging and setting this timeless story.

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